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Many people are misinformed as to the origins of Halloween. Many believe it is American in origin. Halloween is Celtic New Year Festival. It's name in the Gaelic language is "Samhain" meaning end of summer or end of the bright side of the year. In our mythology nature is personified as these three women each one representing Spring, Summer and Winter and together all three are mother earth. In earlier times, before modern medicine, winter was a dangerous time for both man and animal. This is one of the reasons that people wore masks on Halloween. The mask was a symbolic way of frightening negative energy and keeping it at bay. This is why bonfires were lit at sunset. People were of the opinion that the curtain between this world and other worlds was at its thinnest on Halloween night and that spirits could move freely between this world and others. By wearing masks, people could scare off any evil spirits coming in the door. The apple is a symbol of Halloween - falling from the tree it contains the seeds of new life and latent growth. Because the festival was outlawed it almost died out in mainland Europe, but Celtic Europeans, i.e Irish, Scottish and Bretons, who immigrated to America continued to practice it as it was practiced in their homelands. Over the years it grew in popularity and most people today in the USA celebrate it. Meanwhile back in Darmstadt, It's the year 2014 and it's the end of the summer. We plan to celebrate Halloween this year with you so we can all keep each others negative energy in check. So, please wear a mask, costume or face make-up. Help us celebrate the Celtic New Year . Without winter there would be no summer, so stop moaning about the cold weather and welcome in the winter as a time for merriment, warmth, music and dance. On Halloween join us in welcoming in the winter by wearing a mask or costume! Happy Halloween!

Sports on TV. The An Sibin has 3 different LCD TVs with a variety of channels showing the best Live sport events. We'll be showing Live Rugby, Football, American Football, Basketball, and the Olympics. Enjoy a meal and a few pints while you watch your game. Smoking is permitted in the back of the pub..